Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Frego: Safe, Healthy and Innovative

Frego: A revolution in food storage and preperation.

As often as I can, I send leftovers with Hubs-To-Be for his lunch at work.  It helps keep spending down if he has food right there in the fridge at work.  Frego is perfect for this! It's microwave safe for heating meals up while he's at work and it's dishwasher safe (yes, I'm spoiled and love my dishwasher- it was the first appliance purchased for our new home and I love it, even if it isn't top of the line).  This is an innovative design for food storage, with a glass container, silicone sleeve and SoftSnap lid.

It's also oven safe, but we've never used it in the oven, I love that I COULD, though. The outer silicone sleeve works to protect the glass from breakage and also protects your tables and from counters hot dishes; no trivet needed.  The lid seals perfectly so it won't spill when tossed in a bag (let's be honest, he probably isn't very careful with it).  It's also safe for the freezer, but again, we haven't needed it for that yet, however, I love that I CAN if and when I need to. 

Frego is giving LLandLoL readers the chance to win there own! US Only.  Good Luck!
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  1. I like them all but I would probably choose red so it would be harder to lose in my fridge :)

  2. I would pick Honeysuckle
    meltheplux at gmail dot com

  3. Either Red or blue. Thank you so much for the school going kid would love this.... :)


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