Wednesday, December 19, 2012

DuneCraft Review: Bring Learning to Life

Someone was excited to open these!
I recently received some products from DuneCraft and I'm really excited about these.  DuneCraft has many products and they are made in the USA.  DuneCraft creatively incorporates fun and science and help promote a respect and love for nature.  These products are sustainable, eco-friendly and educational; and all of those words make me happy!!

Mini Meadow LED Light Cube comes with everything you need to grow a mini meadow; no sunlight required!  The 15 powerful micro LED lights provide the light needed for the seedlings to sprout (in under a week).  With this awesome kit you follow the directs, add water and start seeing results quickly.  I love that the results come within a week (and blooming occurs within a month); with kids quick results is essential!  You can set it up to use the red lights (for flowering), the blue lights (for foliage) or both, all depending on what you want to grow!

The Outer Space Adventure Garden comes with everything you need to grow your own terrarium.  These plants are perfect for this Galactic Space Terrarium because they sprout antennas, turn into rocket ships and more when spoken to or touched.  You can design yours with the glow in the dark asteroids, color decals and stakes and even this little alien figure (whom I love!).  These also spout quickly just like the Mini Meadow.  Outer Space Adventure Garden won product of the year from Creative Child Magazine recently!  Many of DuneCraft toys boast awards like this. 

We also got Space Sand and it goes perfectly with our celestial set and we can even add it into the terrarium!  It's the Space Sand is made to mimic some of the properties of the soil on Mars.  It can be formed underwater and when removed from the water be completely dry!  Way cool!!

I love these products and will absolutely consider these for future presents for the kids in our family.  And truth be told, Hubs-To-Be is amazed and excited by these too :)  They even have a Beer Garden which he would LOVE.
Check out the website and see all the cool products!

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