Wednesday, December 12, 2012

DIY Baby Wipes

I started making a new batch of baby wipes and mid way through I thought "Hey, people might be interested in this".  So here's my quick run down of my DIY Baby Wipes.  I've done this in the past, although I do not exclusively use do it yourself wipes.  I already have everything on hand so I do it when there are no good deals on wipes or I'm in a bind.

I use Viva paper towel brand.  I know others swear by different brands so you may have to try a few to find what you like best.  I like Viva because it's cloth like and holds up really well.

You will need:
1 tsp baby oil
1 tsp baby wash/baby soap
Tea Tree Oil (a few drops will do)
Air tight container

I boil 2 cups of water and let cool.  I cut my paper towel into thirds. Use a sharp knife but not serrated.  Learn from my mistakes!  A serrated knife will make you end up with little fuzzies in your wipes. I started cutting it into thirds because I didn't have a container big enough for a half of the paper towel.  I keep doing it because I think 1/3 is big enough for me and comparable to the size of a commercial wipe.  Pour 1 cup of the cooled water into your container. 

Add baby oil and baby wash and tea tree oil.  I have tried with without the tea tree oil but it molds so I highly recommend the tea tree oil.  You only use a few drops and it'll last you a long time.   Place your paper towel in the mixture and cover.  Shake it around a bit, turn it upside down to get the paper towel evenly damp/wet.  Remove the cardboard tube in the center of the towels and pull the DIY wipes up from the center.  That's it!


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  1. I had no idea one could create their own wipes! Very cool :)

  2. This is a great option for moms! I personally use cloth wipes, but I know a lot of people that would love this!! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Cloth wipes are a great option! I'll be posting soon about flannel ones. :)


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