Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Beauty Stop Online: Hot Tools HairSetter

Beauty Stop Online is a girl's best friend.  No seriously.  You can shop for all things beauty supply related from the comfort of your own home.  They carry new products as well as classic favorites and have great deals, too.  See what I mean?  A girl's best friend, well, at least a really close friend you visit regularly! :)

I requested and received the Hot Tools Wax Core & Ionic Technology HairSetter - 20 Flocked Rollers.  Yes!  Some people giggle when they hear a 20 something wants or used hot rollers.  But giggle not!  I'll show you why these beauties are so wonderful!  First of all; the Hot Tools Wax Core & Ionic Set comes with 20 rollers in 3 different sizes.  Instead of differently shaped wire things to secure these they have these wonderful clips- a clip will fit any of the three sizes!! No more searching for the right fastener while you hand burns holding a curler to your head.  And on that note; this set has cool-touch ends.  Majorly important for this somewhat accident prone lady. 

The product is compact and easy to store as well and the ends light up as it heats, a pretty cool little feature.  Also, the ion technology helps keep hair smooth- again, I'm no scientist but it definitely worked!

One reason I LOVE hot rollers is because the time I would be wasting doing my hair (and I have a lot of hair) can be spent finishing up my makeup, picking out my outfit or shopping online finding great deals for you online!

I sprayed flexible hold and took them out. You can definetely deterime how tight or loose you want them.
This particular set not for you?  Need less rollers?  More Rollers? Prefer the wire clips?  No worries they have so many other options for Hot Rollers and Hair Setters.  Of course, they have other tools, like flat irons (another favorite of mine, when I have the time.  Again, I have a lot of hair!).  Beauty Stop Online has pretty much any kind of beauty product you can think of; haircare, cosmetics, nails and even a section just for men!

What do you think?  Do you use hot rollers? Would you?  What your favorite hair tool?  Comment below and let me know!

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  1. You look gorgeous with big bouncy curls. I have naturally spiral kinky curly hair that straighten, but i love the look of loose bouncy curls. Great review!


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