Thursday, December 27, 2012

Aerobie: Review and Giveaway!

Both my boys are sports enthusiasts.  They love to run, jump, bounce and throw.  Aerobie sent us two balls; one appropriate for my 1 year old (the Squidgie) and one perfect for 3 and up (the Rocket Football).  Both boys love both balls ans since they already share everything we encourage the switching back and forth!

The Squidgie comes in many colors but we love our glow in the dark one!  It's soft and squishy but durable; good for indoors and outdoors.  It floats in water (I can't wait until it's warmer- it'll surely be fun in the pool!!) and because of the shape and squishy-ness it's perfect for learning to catch.

The Rocket Football is awesome too!  It's for right handed throwers (K switches back and forth; we're not exactly sure if he's left or right handed.  We encourage both) and is made of durable but soft foam and the grooves on the side make it easy to throw.  The design and the patented curved fins make it easy to get that spiral we've been teaching K how to do!

You can find Aerobie online and see all the other fun products they offer.  You can find a retailer near you by going here.

Aerobie is offering the chance for you to win your own Aerobie Rocket Football!! Enter below! Open to US and Canada!

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