Sunday, November 11, 2012

Trash Dash Review and Giveaway

I’ll admit it.  Sometimes the trash isn’t taken out quite as much as it should be.  I’m not sure how, or why, but our trash seems to fill up quickly and taking it out is one chore (well one of many chores J) I really really dislike doing.  When I heard about Trash Dash I was, well, skeptical.  Trash Dash is a product that helps eliminate odors from the garbage cans, compactors and diaper pails.  I thought “if this works, what a great gift for a new parents’.  I kept thinking about who might benefit from this type of product.  I remember being a college student and trekking to the dumpster from the dorms; this would’ve been a great product to have! 

Trash Dash sent me two scents; Citrus Burst and Lavender Vanilla. We decided to crack open the Citrus Burst first.  I read the easy instructions which basically tell you to shake a dash in the can once daily or so.  We started on a new trash bag; I made Hubs-To-Be take out the already full one.  The product is crystal looking granules and I didn’t smell much when I shook them in.  My family continued living our lives and I didn’t think about it again until the next morning, when I grabbed the bottle and shook some more in.  I love that I don’t really have to even think about this product while it’s working.  This product does something you don’t exactly ‘notice’ -it just works.  One big 'offender' is onions, we eat a lot of onions in our home, and the garbage always kind of smells of them, but not so when using this!  When the garbage was full again I realized that the Trash Dash actually worked!  The trash wasn’t gross.  The trash didn’t need to be emptied early (when the bag wasn’t full) because it didn’t stink.  In the past I’ve been known to put a stinky garbage can in the laundry room and wait for Hubs-To-Be to get home (hey, it’s a big garbage and it’s heavy for me to empty!).  I didn’t have to drag the garbage can into the laundry room while using this! I’m a happy camper.  A stinky garbage (and in turn a stinky house) is just gross.  Even with a clean house, if your garbage has an odor it just makes the house seem dirty.  We tried the Lavender Vanilla with the same great results! Trash Dash is available on garbage bag aisle shelves in mass retailers nationwide, and that 2-packs are for sale online at! 
Trying to show the granules in my garbage
Trash Dash is offering you all the chance to rid your own home of stinky trash!  This giveaway will have TWO winners.  Each will receive a two pack (one of each scent) from Trash Dash!

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