Monday, November 26, 2012

Term Life Insurance and MyQuote4Life.Com

Planning for the unthinkable can be difficult but it’s important and if you are like me at all, a bit confusing.  There are so many choices, coverage options and companies.  My family continues to grow and my desire to protect them made me start looking into life insurance options more recently.  We purchased our first home last year and also had our youngest child (all within one month) and life insurance was something we both started considering.  What would happen if Hubs-to-be passed away? Without some type of plan he knew his family would lose this house we worked so hard to purchase.  How would we afford the costs associated with either of us passing?  

I was not familiar with term life insurance but gave me a pretty simple and easy to understand definition.  Term life insurance is inexpensive coverage (definitely a must for those of us ‘Loving Life and Living on Less’!) that covers a certain number of years.  It’s perfect for when your lifestyle changes and you might need more coverage or less, depending on what’s happening specifically in your life.  For example, a new child may be a reason to go up in coverage and term life insurance makes that flexibility possible while still remaining affordable. is a way to receive free term life insurance quotes  with no commitment. 
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  1. This is great information! We have life insurance through my husbands work but we could use some more

  2. Good information. Thank you.

  3. Oh gosh I've been meaning to up our life insurance for forever!

  4. Thanks for the great info about this option.



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