Saturday, November 3, 2012

S'more Thanks Pie

S'More Pie and Spending Time with My Kiddos

Our First S'More Pie
We first started our "S'more" pies last year (2011) on Valentine's Day.  We had lots of candy and didn't know what to do with it all.  I happened to have a graham cracker crust and marshmallows in the pantry.  And thus, Smore Love Pie was created.

Well, after this Halloween I discovered a graham crackers crust in my pantry yet again!  We had oodles and oodles of chocolate candies from the kiddos Trick or Treating and leftover from my 'over-buying' (I certainly didn't want to be the house that ran out of candy!).  I asked the kiddos if we should make a S'more Pie.  I think you know the answer.

I cut up varied chocolate bars.  They picked Crunch, Twix, Kit Kats, Almond Joys, MnM's and more.  After I was done cutting I let them pile the pieces and the 'mellow' into the pie crust.  I popped the finished product into the oven for about 7 min at 350.  Just check on it, every oven is different and we're wanting to brown the mellows and melt the chocolate here.  It was a success!  Kiddos were happy with a small slice and I was happy to DO something with the candy and it's always a great time when I get them involved in the kitchen.  This one is super kid friendly, super quick and very easy.  The name was changed, since it was Nov 1st.  We decided S'more Thanks Pie was appropriate. 

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  1. Lordy that looks delicious! Thank you for the great recipe! I bet my son will love this!


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