Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Ronco Food Dehydrator Giveaway!

Ronco is a company known for quality products and when I heard they were offering me a food dehydrator to review for my readers I was so excited.  I’d actually recently decided I wanted a food dehydrator to make healthy snacks for my family.  They have recently launched in all Target stores so it was one I had been eyeing; it’s reasonably priced and easy to pick up on a Target trip!

When this five tray wonderful machine arrived I was giddy.  Next came the most important question: what to dehydrate first?!  I asked my kids and they both responded with their favorite fruit “nanas”.  So, I took out the bananas that we had and started slicing. 

According to the very easy to understand directions 1/8th to 1/ 4th of an inch is optimal.  I just sliced them as thin as I could- I knew the thinner they were the quicker they’d dry.  The booklet also gives you a basic guideline of how long certain fruits and veggies might take to dehydrate completely; very handy, especially for a newbie like me!  I would like to take a second to jump with joy at the capacity of this dehydrator, I mean come on!! These 5 trays can hold a lot of food (or flowers if you are making potpourri, yes, it’s possible with this!).  I didn't have enough fruit in my home to fill this up the first time but I’m very excited to try lots of different options…up next will be strawberries I think, but I’m getting ahead of myself. 

I laid the sliced bananas onto the tray and put it on the base. Popped the lid on and plugged it in. Then I walked away!  That easy! Because I didn't have five trays full and my sliced were thin it only took a few hours (bananas have lots of moisture so make sure you check the guide for more accurate times!).  The kids happily chomped away at the warm homemade banana chips.  I threw the rest in a snack bag to take with us the next day when we went to K’s gymnastics class (they boys are always hungry and snacks are a must anytime we leave the house).  I love that I know exactly what’s in the snacks I’m giving them and it takes the ‘mess’ out of regular fruit for snacks. 
 Have you ever seen a 1 year old eat a squishy banana?  Oh so cute but not in the car or out and about! 

I am in love with my newest kitchen gadget/small appliance.  You can pick one up at Target or on the Ronco website and start making your family amazing snacks (and jerky, jerky is definitely on my ‘must try’ list).  
You can find out more by checking out the website and 
'liking' them on Facebook.

Ronco has generously offered to host a giveaway to my fans!  One winner will receive the 5 Tray Food Dehydrator!  Enter Below! US only.  Good Luck!!!

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I recieved this product to review and as always, my opinions are 100% mine. If you have question regarding this please visit my Diclosure and Policies Tab or contact me. Thank you!


  1. I would make strawberry fruit leathers and banana chips...yummy!

  2. I would make some dried fruit mix to nibble on first.

  3. i would make some bananas for my son. he loves them!

  4. I would make deer jerky! Yummy

  5. deer jerky is great in one of those!

  6. i would make some beef jerky,then some fruit roll ups.....

  7. Definitely beef jerky and dried bananas!

  8. beef jerky for my husband and dried fruits for me and the kids

  9. for fruits esp grapes ,,thank u!

  10. For sure bananas! I LOVE banana chips!!


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