Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Jamberry Nails with Kimberly (KFED)

Jamberry Nails are so popular right now and I was dying to try them but when they arrived I got nervous.  I rarely even paint my nails- let alone try other more trendy things!  I was a nail biter for 24 years of my life and still struggle with the habit.  Because of this my nail beds are small and my nails are brittle and never look very pretty even when they’ve grown out a bit (when they don’t split of break after growing out, that is).  So, when Jamberry Nail Shields arrived I started to second guess myself.  They were intimidating for someone who’s never done anything with her nails, like, ever. 
Finally, I got a moment to take a look at the official video that my wonderful consultant, Kimberly Fedison suggested and my nerves started to subside.  I can do that!  So one night, after the kiddos were in bed and Hubs-to-be was content playing Xbox 360, I gathered my tools (tools I had already, and I like I said, I never do anything with my nails!) and got to work.

 I expected the process to take much longer than it did.  I was done in 20 minutes- I’m confident next time it’ll be even quicker.  I have no idea why I was so intimidated.  It was a snap.  I followed the handy little how to and watched the video just before applying and it was so easy!!  I love the way these look on my short nails (I has been worried they may look silly but they are definitely NOT just for long nails).  The style I got is sassy and fun and my kiddos think ‘Mommy’s nails are pretty’.  There’s no way I could paint these cool designs on my nails and even if I could they certainly wouldn’t last as long!  You can use Jamberry on your toes, too, much less expensive than a pedicure and these last just as long, if not longer!  I’m a forever fan of Jamberry Nails now and will absolutely be ordering my next set from Kimberly AKA KFed! 
Jelly Bean has been dying for something similar and with one set there is plenty for both of us (and how cute to have matching nails, right?!).  There is a junior line as well (can you say stocking stuffer?) just for those tweens and younger kids (there’s less trimming/cutting involved if you use the Juniors on younger kids; but you can use the adult ones on kids, too). 

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    For the holiday, I'd like to wear the "Red & White Diagonal Stripe."
    They are not only easy, but fun to wear :)
    Thanks so much for the chance!

  2. i have 4 favorites!! i LOVE the Pink Camo,Southwestern Diamond, the Bright Whimsical Swirl, and Christmas Red Plaid
    but my number one would be the Southwestern Diamond!

  3. Paint brush......looks as muddled as my life is right now! :) Muddled but in pretty colors.

  4. I love to try new things and this is just one of those things!

  5. How cute! These would be great for upcoming holiday events!


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