Tuesday, November 20, 2012

DeZign with a Z Coffee Shop Decal

DeZigns with a Z has so many awesome options if you are looking for some home or office décor.  I loved all the amazing kid and playroom decals but this time I wanted something for me! I am a coffee lover…no, I am a coffee dependent.  So when I saw this Coffee Shop decal I wanted it.  I was able to customize the color to exactly what I wanted.  I choose gold because I wanted something subtle and that would look stylish not over the top. 

When it arrived there were two butterflies that were included my daughter promptly swooped them up, claiming them for her room.  I assume the butterflies are for practice but Hubs-To-Be went right to work on my ‘Coffee Shop’.  He had some trouble with the decal sticking to the transfer tape- but a little bit of work using the squeegee and he was successful! 

I think because the decal I chose had a lot of intricate pieces and letters it made it just a bit more time consuming than, say the butterflies (those were up in no time flat)!  The time and effort was well worth it!  It looks as though the decal is painted on and I love the color I chose against my wall.  It is larger than most I've seen and it's definitely a reasonably priced decal, too!  I would absolutely recommend DeZign with a Z- the company was wonderful to work with and the decal came quickly.  The end result is great and there are so many options!  They have mirror decals, wall murals, glow decals and more!  

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  1. This is a wonderful review and I love the decal.

  2. I love it! It has so much character, and is very unique!

  3. Great review and it looks great! I'd have snatched the butterflies up too :)


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