Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Monkey Balm Review and Giveaway!

I’m lucky that my children do not suffer from eczema but occasionally they get dry or chapped skin.  Especially when the weather is changing like it is now.  For these reasons, I was excited to get the opportunity to try Monkey Balm on them.  Monkey Balm is 100% natural and has a base made of sea buckthorn.  I wasn’t familiar with sea buckthorn, but here’s a quick rundown of what it does and why it works: it contains over 190 bio-active nutrients, comprised of vitamins, essential fatty acids and the most potent food-based natural supply of Omega 7 (which is vital to healthy skin).   What is Monkey Balm and how does it work?

When Monkey Balm arrived in the mail the kiddos were napping. I opened up the package to find this adorable tube. I was so excited to try the product I used it on my elbows first (the kids would get their chance J). Oh My Goodness. It’s smooth, it smells great and it worked. My once scratchy elbows were feeling pretty fine and I was excited to use it on Baby G’s chapped cheeks when he woke up! I’m always worried about using products on my kids’ faces. But with Monkey Balm I didn’t have that worry because it is 100% natural. Thank goodness for the Roll On part! My wiggly (almost) 16 month thought we were playing a game! Application was easy and mess free, thank goodness! I've been using it on my elbows as needed (and on the kiddos too, of course!) and I must say it's awesome. My three year old commented that it smells yummy, too. I agree. I'm Monkey Balm's newest fan. This tube will last and last too!

Final thoughts: I am really a fan of Monkey Balm. It’s not just for kids who have eczema and severely dry skin. It works wonders on grownups and kiddos with moderate dryness too. It smells great and is easy to apply. And above all else, it works!! I would without a doubt recommend this product to parents and even adults with no kiddos! You can purchase Monkey Balm Here.

Exciting News! Monkey Balm has offered you all the chance to WIN your very own Monkey Balm here on Loving Life and Living on Less! Enter below (US and Canada Only).
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  1. I've wondered if this would be effective for our occasional diaper rash here. Great review and thanks for the giveaway!

  2. My grand daughter has eczema. This would be good for her.

  3. thanks for the great giveaway! fingers crossed!

  4. my mini me has really sensitive skin, and he gets chapped cheeks too from the cold weather here in Ohio. Id love to win this!

  5. i would love this my children have really dry skin and with winter on its way this would be perfect!! Thank you for this giveaway!


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