Thursday, October 18, 2012

Cool Stuff for Under $2

Fabulous Frugal Finds From Amazon

I'm always on the hunt for cool, fun, nice random stuff to give as gifts and thank you's and silly rewards for the kiddos.  Ready for some awesome stuff I've found lately?

           Call me a nerd but how cool are these?!  I just bought some, for the kids of course... ;)
                                                          ONLY .97 Shipped!

                      I mustache you a question....would you wear these?  I think I might!
                                                          ONLY .95 Shipped!
Beautiful!  And great reviews! And only $1.25 Shipped
 I betcha Hubs-To-Be would dig this! Less than $1 Shipped!
Long story short, there are some way cool things out there and worst case senerio you are out $2.  Best case?  You have some cool items to keep, share or give :) Comment below and let me know the coolest thing you've bought for 2 bucks!


  1. The mustache earrings made me smile. Wouldn't these things make good stocking stuffers?

    1. Arg, I am clearly new I deleted my own comment! LOL Anyway, I am glad they made you smile, I must admit I giggled when I saw them too! :)


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